Hollywood Studios Talks With Striking Actors Seem to Be Progressing

UNITED STATES: Hollywood studios are hopeful that a settlement to end the 108-day actors’ strike is nearing after several fruitful days at the negotiation table, according to reports. However, some issues with the actors, including protections regarding artificial intelligence technology used to create digital replicas without permission or payment, have not been resolved. Some knots have begun to loosen, according to sources.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union, has requested an increase in minimum compensation for first-year contracts by 11%. Studios initially agreed to a maximum of 5%, but studios increased their offer to 7%. As of Friday, SAG-AFTRA’s demand has been reduced to 9%. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers declined to comment on behalf of the big entertainment companies.

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In an email to SAG-AFTRA, the union’s bargaining committee reported a productive day and announced pickets for the week, including one at Walt Disney Studios.

Last week, studio executives announced that unless a deal is completed by Friday, sets may remain unlit for an additional two months. Additionally, January may be the earliest for cast and crew to receive their wages, unless negotiations speed up.

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But according to the corporations, all they were doing was pointing to the calendar. Reassembling creative teams will take time, and the upcoming holidays will make things more difficult. Preproduction for new shows can take up to 12 weeks, while films usually take 16 weeks.

Over 4,000 actors have written an open letter to their union, demanding a contract that addresses their fundamental issues.

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Union officials face pressure from stars to expedite negotiations, while employees become increasingly irate due to the Hollywood closure. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees reports over $1.4 billion in salary losses. Companies like Disney and Paramount have postponed spring TV lineups and film slates.

The entertainment industry has been halted by writers’ and performers’ strikes. After the writers’ strike ended last month, there was optimism that the actors’ union and studios would quickly reach an agreement. Rather, the procedure has been sluggish.

A union request for a per-subscriber charge from streaming services collapsed earlier, but talks resumed on Tuesday. SAG-AFTRA accuses studio CEOs of using “bully tactics.”

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Originally posted 2023-10-31 08:50:18.