McLaren’s Miraculous Revival Leaves F1 Legend Eddie Jordan in Awe

UNITED KINGDOM: Former F1 team principal Eddie Jordan has expressed his amazement at McLaren’s spectacular recovery under chief executive Zak Brown, following what he deemed “the worst decision they could have made” – parting ways with Honda.

After a high-profile reunion in 2015, McLaren and Honda endured three challenging seasons, both on and off the track. Meanwhile, Honda joined forces with Red Bull, propelling Max Verstappen to a third consecutive World Championship in 2023, leaving McLaren momentarily relegated to backmarkers.

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Despite a sluggish start to 2023, McLaren has emerged as Red Bull’s primary threat in recent months. Lando Norris has notched six second-place finishes since July, while rookie Oscar Piastri clinched victory in the sprint race in Qatar.

Eddie Jordan, known for his previous criticisms of McLaren, has made a 180-degree turn in his assessment. Speaking on the Formula for Success podcast with former McLaren driver David Coulthard, Jordan admitted surprise at the turnaround and praised Zak Brown’s leadership.

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He admitted that he was very critical of the team’s decision. He said that whoever decided to leave Honda was in an absolute fool’s paradise. At the time, he felt it was the worst decision McLaren could have made. However, McLaren has come back from its downfall. Acknowledging the drivers’ role in the revival, Jordan highlighted Oscar Piastri’s impact, saying, “He’s shown that the car must be OK to drive because he’s a rookie coming in.”

Despite McLaren’s resurgence, team principal Andrea Stella revealed the team is aware of its biggest weakness compared to Red Bull. The unexpected turnaround has left the racing community and fans alike eager to see how McLaren will continue to challenge the top contenders in the F1 circuit.

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Originally posted 2023-11-10 19:15:00.