Microsoft Takes a Stance: Blocks Unauthorised Accessories for Xbox Consoles

UNITED STATES: In a move to uphold quality and security standards, Microsoft has announced the blocking of unauthorised accessories for Xbox consoles, leaving third-party manufacturers scrambling for solutions. Microsoft has recently confirmed its decision to prevent the use of unauthorised accessories with Xbox consoles, citing concerns about compromised gaming experiences. 

The company emphasized that licensed Xbox hardware and accessories are meticulously designed to meet high-quality performance, security, and safety standards. Players using custom third-party accessories are now facing potential disruptions as reports emerge of unauthorised or unlicensed devices being slated for blockage from use on Xbox consoles. 

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According to sources, users have been encountering error messages after recent firmware updates, warning them that their devices will be rendered inoperable by November 12, 2023. The message advises users to seek assistance from the store of purchase or the manufacturer for returns while directing them to the list of authorised accessories on the Xbox website.

Notably, even some prominent players in third-party gear, lacking the full Xbox seal of approval, have witnessed certain products falling under this blockage. Brook Gaming, a respected name in the gaming accessory industry, has issued a statement addressing potential disruptions to their Xbox console-related products. They assure their customers of their commitment to finding solutions and maintaining product quality.

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Windows Central has added that Microsoft is exploring the expansion of programs to approve more third-party wireless controllers, providing users with a wider array of options amidst the crackdown on unapproved devices.

As of now, Xbox has not officially addressed the new messaging or specified the extent of devices affected, leaving users with keyboard and mouse setups and accessible controllers in a state of uncertainty. We will continue to monitor this development and provide updates as they emerge.

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Originally posted 2023-10-31 05:10:00.