Sexual Assault Claims Emerge Against Russell Brand in New York Lawsuit

UNITED STATES: In a lawsuit, British actor-comedian Russell Brand is accused of sexually abusing a film extra when they were filming the 2011 romantic comedy “Arthur” in New York City. The lawsuit comes in the wake of numerous women’s recent accusations of inappropriate behaviour and sexual assault against the 48-year-old artist, some of which date back 20 years, that were published in the British mainstream media.

A number of the accusations have been investigated by British police, but this is the first time the accusation has been brought to court; the lawsuit from New York was filed on Friday.

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The case was filed in accordance with New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which allows accusers to bring a lawsuit for long-standing allegations of abuse for up to a year after the statute of limitations has passed.

Additionally cited as a defendant was Warner Bros. Pictures, the company that distributed “Arthur,” which was charged with carelessness as well as aiding and abetting Brand by allowing his misbehaviour on the set.

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In September, Brand denied on social media that he had non-consensual sex. A woman who identifies as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit, alleging she was hired to perform as a cast “extra” in a scene from “Arthur,” which was filmed in 2010 at the Le Cirque restaurant in Manhattan. Representatives for Brand and Warner Bros. have not responded to the case.

The lawsuit claims that Brand was visibly drunk during the shoot and showed the plaintiff his genitalia while he sat at a table and stared at her, “openly and obviously in the presence of everyone on set,” including staff members from the film studios who accepted his actions.

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An accusation has been made by a lady that Brand chased her into a restroom, made her have oral sex with him, “severely damaged her psychologically”, and cost her money.

The complaint alleges that a member of the production team guarded the door. On the basis of assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress, the lawsuit demands unspecified monetary damages from Brand.

Brand, who is well-known for his work as a comedian and broadcaster, previously married pop star Katy Perry. Currently, he has more than 6 million YouTube followers. However, YouTube banned Brand from earning any more money in September as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Originally posted 2023-11-04 08:30:53.