eVidyaloka’s Revolutionary Approach Paves the Way for India’s Growth Champions 2023 Rankings

INDIA: eVidyaloka has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 59th position in The Economic Times India’s Growth Champions 2023. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional work carried out by this Non-Profit Social Enterprise (NGO).

This prestigious ranking evaluates economic accelerators based on “real economic substance, sustainability, and legitimacy,” giving weight to organic economic growth and autonomy. What sets this accomplishment apart is that eVidyaloka operates as an NGO in the Education sector, extending its impact beyond Education to Rural Empowerment.

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In the past academic year, eVidyaloka positively impacted 120K students through live teaching across 622 schools in 14 states, utilizing 7 different Indian languages. Additionally, their television broadcasts of curated lessons reached 23.8 million views in remote rural areas, complementing the live classes.

While conducting this extensive operation to educate rural India’s children, eVidyaloka generated employment opportunities in and around each school, benefiting over 730 families. eVidyaloka model involves collaborating with NGO partners in different states to deliver high-quality education in government schools, with over 60% of eVidyaloka’s economic spend directed to the remotest villages. In the past year, considering a money multiplier of 6X, the investment into the rural economy from eVidyaloka exceeded 40 crores. Out of the 78 districts we operate in, 25 are Aspirational Districts.

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The immeasurable value that transcends monetary terms comes from the dedication of 5,500+ volunteers who invested their time and skills in imparting education through eVidyaloka. These passionate individuals are located in 300 cities across 50 countries. In the previous year, collaborated with 43 other NGOs, over 75 corporates, and more than 500 social investors in noble pursuit of providing high-quality education anytime, anywhere for Rural India.

Originally posted 2023-11-24 15:46:08.