The Entrepreneurial Path: Kalpit Veerwal’s Decision to Forge His Own Destiny

INDIA: The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Top Scorer Kalpit Veerwal, a Udaipur native and son of a nurse, opted to launch his startup, AcadBoost, post-graduation from IIT Bombay. Today, he aids over 200K students in their JEE exam preparation.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment before the JEE Mains exam, where nerves were high, Veerwal sought advice from his professor. Recalling the professor’s wisdom comparing him to Sachin Tendulkar, he emphasized the importance of trusting one’s abilities over circumstances. Despite initial challenges during the exam, Veerwal’s resilience and positive attitude led to a perfect score of 360/360.

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His journey, marked by relentless hard work, traces back to a middle-class upbringing where education held paramount importance. Inspired by his father’s commitment to education, Veerwal’s early success in competitive exams set the stage for his outstanding performance in the JEE Mains.

Veerwal’s affinity for subjects beyond the syllabus and a passion for learning played a crucial role in his success. He encourages students to genuinely enjoy the process, focus on revision using past year papers, and emphasizes that talent alone is insufficient without hard work.

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Post JEE success, Veerwal initiated platforms like a Facebook page, Quora account, and a blog to assist students. The positive response inspired him to establish AcadBoost in 2019, offering tailored courses for JEE exam preparation.

While over 200K students accessed the content, 11,000 benefited from the paid offerings. Veerwal, eschewing conventional paths, finds fulfillment in the less-traveled road and cherishes the moment he resumed solving questions in the JEE Mains exam room as a turning point in his journey.

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Originally posted 2023-11-24 15:03:52.